Law Firm eDiscovery Unit Staffing

The Partners Group is the best choice for law firms with internal eDiscovery centers, units, and teams:

  • Expert in providing the specific brand of staffing service law firm ED units need to thrive.
  • Experienced as exclusive provider to law firm eDiscovery Centers and In-sourced Litigation Support Teams.
  • Committed to Law Firm: Supportive of / not competitive to your business model.


Law Firm eDiscovery Centers and The Partners Group are symbiotic, seamless, and natural partners.

As eDiscovery changed the landscape of law practice, and while many in the legal staffing industry endeavored to capture every discovery dollar by offering "End to End solutions," The Partners Group is proud to have gone counter-trend. We chose to remain true to our roots as the best attorney staffing pros in the business and true to some of our biggest and best clients, who happen to be law firms with their own end-to-end eDiscovery divisions.

We believe that review is best “managed” by the law firm handling the matter and the lawyers who will be basing strategic decisions on the information reviewed. We also believe that clients are best served by experienced attorney staffing experts – and not technology companies – selecting, screening and matching personnel to the project.

Ask us for references from some of the top law firm eDisovery units in the country.