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Hiring Lawyers: More than GPA

Here is a very compelling article trumpeting what we recruiters have been shouting from the rooftops for years: when hiring new lawyers it’s not all about school rank and GPA. So much more should be involved – things like character and practical experience – and public interest groups may be on the right track.

The traditional … Read More ›

Job Hunting? Think Cars.

So I’m a car guy. I love cars. Classic cars. I love driving cars. And I love driving new cars. Well, new to me, anyway; every one of them has been used – but a classic – and I love them so much that I want to drive as many as I can while I’ve … Read More ›

That Which We Conceal…

With apologies to Ralph W. Emerson, one of my favorites of his quotes is, “that which we attempt to conceal becomes conspicuous by its absence.” Or something to that effect.

It’s the same with resumes.

Sure, there are things in our professional backgrounds which may not paint us in the most flattering light and which we therefore … Read More ›

SGR Acquires Kapoor Law Firm

The Partners Group is pleased to announce the acquisition by Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP, of Atlanta-based Immigration & Nationality firm Kapoor Law Group.

Romy Kapoor, founder and principal of Kapoor Law Group, will head Smith Gambrell’s Immigration/Nationality Department, practicing out of the firm’s Midtown Atlanta office.  Kapoor Law Group had operated independently since its inception … Read More ›

The State of the Legal Market in Charlotte

Charlotte is widely known as one of the top banking & finance hubs in the United States, and in fact is the second largest in the country behind New York in terms of assets under management.  Bank of America and the east coast operations of Wells Fargo are headquartered here (the latter owing to their … Read More ›