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TPG at ALRA Luncheon on Lateral Hiring

My partner Shannan Rahman of our Atlanta office was a panelist this week at a luncheon hosted by the Atlanta Legal Recruitment Association (ALRA). The luncheon was held at King & Spalding and focused on lateral hiring from the perspective of legal search firm consultants, career services professionals, and law firm recruiters. The ALRA … Read More ›

Life Beyond Associate: Creating a Business Plan

It was the lawyers who effectively divorced the meaning of the words “develop business” from the word “sell.”

You’ve heard the banter: “We advise and counsel, we don’t sell.” It’s true. Lawyers have demonized and banished the “S” word from their vernacular so effectively that at most you’ll hear a vague acknowledgement of a far-off day … Read More ›

Top Ten Reasons to Use Contract Attorneys

As the head of contract staffing for The Partners Group, I am often asked by clients and potential clients “what are some of the reasons that law firms or in-house legal departments use contract attorneys?” Without further ado and in honor of Letterman’s impending retirement, I present our blog readers with our Top 10 Reasons … Read More ›

Contract Work as a Career Lifeline

It’s no secret that the legal job market remains tight. That’s the bad news for many recent graduates. There are many graduates with good grades from respected law schools who find themselves unemployed and unable to find recruiters willing to work with them.

The reasons for this are many. Regardless of law school record or other … Read More ›

The State of the Legal Market in Charlotte

Charlotte is widely known as one of the top banking & finance hubs in the United States, and in fact is the second largest in the country behind New York in terms of assets under management.  Bank of America and the east coast operations of Wells Fargo are headquartered here (the latter owing to their … Read More ›