I am proud and excited to announce the launch of a special new addition to the LegalPartners suite of offerings, as The Partners Group and Legalpeople welcome Engage to the family!

Engage provides our clients with the simplest and most cost-effective way to engage top-tier specialized legal talent for their varying legal needs, and manages the engagement to ensure a seamless and successful experience. The Engage attorney-force is national, expert and – vigorously pre-vetted and buttressed by a professional-level package of compensation, benefits, and other support – dedicated to providing exceptional legal work for the full duration of our clients’ assignments.


My excitement about our ability to provide this service to our law firm and corporate legal clients is rivaled only by my pride in the team providing it! Engage is led by Din Duggan, a Georgetown University Law Center Graduate, and the former Recruitment Manager for the world’s largest provider of legal services. Din is joined by Charles Morgan, who served as Vice President and General Counsel for both BellSouth and Chiquita Brands, and as Deputy General Counsel and Chief International Counsel at Kraft Foods. Charles also practiced with Davis Polk and Mayer Brown, and is a graduate of Columbia Law School.

Of course, Engage will also have at its disposal the full force of the legal hiring and staffing expertise of all of us at Legalpeople and The Partners Group.

With Legalpeople, The Partners Group and, now, Engage, under the LegalPartners umbrella, we continue our mission to provide hirers/engagers of legal talent elite-quality capabilities across the full spectrum of legal workforce needs.

We are appreciative of our continuing opportunities to serve our clients, candidates, Bar Associations and communities.

And, We Are Ready to Engage!

For more information see www.engageattorneys.com