The Partners Group is close to launching a new state-of-the-art Legal Project Center in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. We’ve been working with designers, technicians, and contractors, to construct an ideal space to house multiple projects simultaneously, from large document reviews to foreign language reviews to smaller specialized projects. There are many moving parts when it comes to putting together a flexible work space of this size, but here are a few key items that we have prioritized in the design and planning for our new Center:

1. Location, location, location. Selecting the location for a new project center might be the most important decision of all. You can do any number of things to the inside of a space, but you can’t pick it up and move it to a different site. We wanted a central location, something easy to get to from downtown, midtown, and the near suburbs. Buckhead fit the bill and had the added advantage of being close to our primary TPG office.

2. Flexibility. Once we found our location, we needed to determine the shape and skeleton of the suite. What would the flow be throughout the workrooms? How could we best make people comfortable without compromising privacy? How could we design a space that could support multiple reviews and/or projects? The answer was to create three separate rooms of differing sizes, each of which with the ability to securely house its own team, but clustered in a way to allow a larger project to occupy more than one room, if necessary. We added a common kitchen, easily accessed by each of these workrooms.

3. Technology. The Project Center’s technology needs to be robust, secure, and just as flexible as the rest of the space. While we appreciate the convenience of wireless connectivity, we are creating a fully-wired space to maximize both speed and security. However, these networks need to be nimble have full redundancy in case of any outages. Therefore, we will have multiple circuits of multiple types feeding into the Project Center. We’ll have the ability to direct certain networks to certain workrooms and move them throughout the entire suite as needed.

While it’s still a month or so away from completion, The Partners Group’s new Atlanta project center is already taking shape. We’re excited to begin hosting projects of all types and sizes there beginning this spring.