Every New Year’s Eve, many of us make a long list of resolutions that we fervently intend to keep. As the ball drops on to the frigid crowds at Times Square and we all celebrate the New Year – we convince ourselves that this is the year we will stick to our resolutions of eating healthier, working out more often, keeping up with family and old friends, creating a financial plan, changing jobs, and planning that fabulous vacation. But then we get back into our routines and next thing we know it is February and we find ourselves back in the doldrums.

If one of your resolutions was to find your perfect job – there is no need to despair as the 1st Quarter of the year is when many law firms and corporate in-house legal departments focus on their hiring needs for the year. So companies and firms are hiring – now what? First thing is first – you should get your house in order and make sure your resume is current and includes all of your recent accomplishments and experience. Second – identify the types of positions that you are interested in exploring. Be flexible. An in-house move is not for everyone and there are a significant number of reasons to explore joining another law firm. Third – connect with a seasoned legal recruiter in the market you are exploring. The recruiters at The Partners Group know their markets – the trends, the firms and companies that are hiring, the types of opportunities that might be a good fit, and can provide guidance on your resume and job search. Fourth – be active in your own search by making time to attend networking events and seeking recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Taking these easy steps will soon make you realize – you are well on your way to accomplishing one of your resolutions and with this new confidence tackling the several others on your list will come in due course.