Representative In-House Placements

General Counsel for US subsidiary of multi-billion dollar Japanese conglomerate

General Counsel for International, name-brand gun manufacturer

General Counsel for name-brand retail energy industry company

General Counsel for regional Financial Services company

Associate General Counsel, Corporate/M&A (Europe) for a major technology company in its continental European headquarters

Chief IP Counsel for Global Communications Company

Legal Director – Entertainment and Digital Video for a major technology corporation

Head of Business Practices Group; IT Counsel; Real Estate Transactional for Fortune 500 grocery chain

Senior Securities Counsel for Fortune 500

Senior Labor Counsel for Fortune 500 logistics company

Two Litigation Counsels for Fortune 100 auto parts company

Legal Director, Technology Transactions/Licensing, for a Silicon Valley technology product development-focused corporation

Head Legal Compliance Officer for one of the world’s leading technology companies

Real Estate Counsel; Head Litigation Counsel; Corporate Counsel for Fortune 500 homebuilder

National Director of Public Policy for a premier technology company

Lead Patent Counsel for technology product start-up company

Lead Counsel for online video gaming division of major entertainment/media company

Divisional General Counsel for a globally-recognized online entertainment website

Counsel, Payments and Finance for major international corporation

Multi-lingual Central & South American Lead Counsel responsible for content-based commercial transactions in multiple languages for a leading global technology company

Senior Employment Law Attorney at a top corporation

General Counsel for technology product start-up company

Top Government Contracts Attorney for major international cloud-computing corporation

Added dozens of additional Attorneys with top credentials (including more than 20 Commercial and Technology Transactions Attorneys alone) to the legal departments of some of the world’s top global technology, media/entertainment and retail corporations