Representative Foreign Language Review Projects

AmLaw 100: Staffed several large multilingual document review project with attorneys fluent in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. One case involved a large multi-billion dollar antitrust litigation matter involving multiple manufacturers in England, U.S., Japan, Korea and China. 

AmLaw 100: Staffed multiple Spanish and Portuguese document review projects for New York and Atlanta offices of law firm client on various commercial, banking and IP Litigation cases. 

International Manufacturing Company: Staffed a Portuguese document review project for an international manufacturing company in construction litigation and government works litigation.

AmLaw 100: Staffed several Chinese review projects for an Atlanta based firm with a team of reviewers sitting in Atlanta and Chicago.

AmLaw 100: Staffed a German review project for an Atlanta based law firm client.

AmLaw 100: Staffed a team of Korean non-attorney reviewers for an Atlanta based law firm so as to reduce the cost of the review.