Representative Document Review Projects

AmLaw 100: Staffed an 80 attorney project in three different cities for major products liability class action lawsuit.

AmLaw 100: Provided hundreds of attorneys to ediscovery subsidiary of major firm with consistent and ongoing staffing needs as exclusive provider.

Fortune 500: Staffed a 25 attorney securities class action litigation document review project that lasted over a year with 100% retention of contract attorneys.

Fortune 500: Staffed several document review projects in-house at considerable savings for the company involving major and highly publicized security breach lawsuits.

Fortune 500: Staffed and managed a 50 attorney review in our document review center with high security levels in place due to homeland security issues involved.

Privately-Owned Former Division of Fortune 500: Staffed a 20 attorney “remote” commercial litigation document review project where the attorneys coordinated with outside counsel via email and phone calls.

Fortune 500: Staffed a 14 attorney L&E class action lawsuit.

AmLaw 100: Staffed multiple document review projects in the 10-20 plus contract attorney range for the Trial Practice group and the Securities Litigation group. At one point had over 60 contract attorneys working on projects throughout the firm.

Fortune 50: Staffed a 15 attorney document review project for the national discovery counsel for major Fortune 50 corporation.

AmLaw 100: Staffed multiple IP and Commercial Litigation document review projects with special resources team at large firm. Teams ranged in size from 2-25 project attorneys.

Staffed multiple foreign language review projects including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Learn more about foreign language review ›