Representative Specialized Attorney Placements

Fortune 100: Staffed several former in-house corporate technology contract attorneys within the operations and web services divisions of a large technology client. Attorneys interacted with business teams on a daily basis and their assignments were all extended 6 months to a year beyond the original scope of the project.

Fortune 200: Staffed a software and hardware licensing attorney with large insurance company headquartered outside of Atlanta. The attorney handled overflow work for over 3 months until the workflow spike abated.

Fortune 500: Staffed contract administrators and paralegals for many corporations throughout the country to handle substantive legal assistant tasks.

AmLaw 100: Staffed a healthcare regulatory research project with 3 experienced healthcare attorneys to research Medicare/Medicaid issues across all 50 states for large healthcare corporate client involved in multi-state class action litigation.

AmLaw 100: Placed 3 products liability contract litigators on a trial team for a large class action products litigation matter going to trial within the next 6 months. Contract team members handled deposition summary, deposition prep, trial prep, and other substantive litigation tasks.

Fortune 1000: Staffed a corporate governance and clean-up project for a large textile manufacturer in N.C. Placed 20 year in-house attorney on project organizing corporate records for numerous subsidiaries.

Large International Corporation: Placed an experienced government contracts attorney with a large engineering and construction company to handle complex EPC contracts as well as DFARs and FARs issues for company’s various business units.

Fortune 100: Placed several experienced contracts attorneys in business units that had overflow work to help negotiate and draft commercial agreements for their teams. Assignments lasted from 6 months to 2 years.

Fortune 500: Staffed a large acquisition with an experienced large firm M&A attorney who ran the deal room for international corporation acquiring several domestic subsidiaries.

AmLaw 500: Staffed an experienced banking and finance attorney with a firm’s Florida office to help with overflow banking and secured lending work on an indefinite basis.

Midsized Boutique Firm: Staffed an experienced bankruptcy contract attorney with the firm to assist busy client. Attorney there on an indefinite project.