Specialized Contract Attorneys

As much as our clients benefit from our Document Reviewers in the modern legal-industry economic paradigm, our corporate and law firm clients of all sizes are increasingly leveraging our specialized attorneys when the level of work is advanced but the ability to make a direct hire is limited. Whether under a hiring freeze, facing uncertain/unsteady workflow, or simply desiring to keep costs down, bringing on specialized (or "seconded") legal professionals on a temporary basis can be a time-efficient, surprisingly inexpensive, and effective solution.

We maintain an extensive stable of seasoned attorneys and paralegals with a wide range of highly-specialized skills. Our recruiters will work closely with you to fully understand the qualifications, skill sets, and credentials you’re looking for. We will get to know your organization’s culture, so that we can provide candidates who fit seamlessly into your existing team.

Former practicing attorneys ourselves, we fully understand our clients’ needs. With our understanding of the labor market and years of experience, we can provide the ideal candidate, literally, overnight.

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