Like many people, I am extremely excited to see Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend. The teamwork and determination of the heroes will surely be something to behold. Although the legal job search is not quite as important as saving the planet from a giant robot bent on destroying the world, the teamwork required between recruiters and candidates is vital in order to obtain a fantastic result.

Many times in the legal recruiting world candidates do not recognize that it is difficult for one person alone to be successful. It is true that in many cases candidates can apply to a position on their own, but by doing so they give up the help and support a recruiter can offer. We spend the majority of our day cultivating relationships with firms and companies, constantly expanding the network our team can utilize. Much like Nick Fury, a good recruiter will be able to reach out for help from a number of peers, giving their candidates an advantage that simply cannot be achieved on their own.

A good recruiter will have information and interview tricks and tips that give candidates confidence going into an interview. A good recruiter can also be a great counselor, answering questions and alleviating tension and frustration that sometimes leads candidates in a bad direction. Like Black Widow calming down the Hulk, a recruiter can keep things stable, even when they do not go as planned.

A legal job search is always an exciting and sometimes scary experience. Candidates do not have to go it alone. By using a recruiter from The Partners Group, a candidate can get the help that can only be offered by our outstanding team. We may not have a magic hammer or have gained super strength from a tragic lab accident, but we do have a tight-knit and talented group ready to jump in and support those looking to make a career change.