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The Partners Post

TPG Participates in the Atlanta Bar Association/ACC’s Joint Day of Service

My partner, David Gruskin, and I had the pleasure of participating in a volunteer joint day of service with the Corporate Counsel Section of the Atlanta Bar and the Association of Corporate Counsel, Georgia Chapter. This year’s project was a Mobile Food Pantry, and team of over 30 volunteers assisted with packaging and … Read More ›

A Big Shout Out to Our TPG Speakers!

Many thanks to our friends Jonathan Hawkins of Krevolin & Horst, LLC and Dan Turner of Littler for speaking and sharing their wisdom at our national company meeting in ATL. Dan waxed poetic about DOL other trends that make it even more of an economic, regulatory and logistical no-brainer for firms and companies … Read More ›

Trick or Treat: Why Be a Contract Attorney?

Having worked as a contract attorney and now a recruiter for contract attorneys, I feel that I have a pretty unique perspective on the topic. The most common question or concern I get from a lot of candidates is about the “stigma” of being a contract attorney. Is it Trick or Treat?

As a recruiter, I … Read More ›