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Planning for Summer and Your Career

School’s out for summer and with that comes exciting summer vacation plans. We all agree that taking time off from work and our hurried lives is exactly what we need to relax, rest, and recharge our work batteries so we can come back to the office ready for the next challenge. Whether we relax at … Read More ›

GAWL: What We’ve Seen and Heard

At the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) Annual Dinner last May, the 2013-2014 Board announced its theme for the year – “Listen More and Talk Less.” Our goal was to celebrate our 85th year by asking our diverse membership what each of you value most about GAWL and how Georgia’s premiere organization for woman … Read More ›

Seeking Balance Through Moments of Excellence

For years, a buzz topic amongst GAWL members has been work/life balance. How do you find it or, better yet, how do you successfully manage to do everything you want and be happy? We all live chaotic, busy lives, and this week for me was no exception. I found myself juggling many work and professional … Read More ›