As we enter week 12 of quarantine and social distancing measures across the country, it is a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come over the past three months in terms of adapting to working from home while taking care of our families and many other responsibilities that have been made significantly more challenging under the important restrictions we’ve faced. It’s also a critical time for a mental health check in. We may be working from home and virtual meeting pros by now, but needing to adapt so quickly to social distancing measures while seemingly seamlessly putting on a “we’ve got everything under control” face to clients while balancing the anxiety and fear of potential furloughs and pay cuts takes a significant toll.

In February of this year, conducted a survey of more than 3,800 respondents for their Minds Over Matters project. They found that 64% of respondents feel they have anxiety, 10.1% feel they have an alcohol problem, and 2.8% feel they have a drug problem. According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these numbers are rapidly increasing as we become more and more isolated from others and continue to adjust to social distancing stressors. The Mayo Clinic offers some important observations and advice for coping during Covid-19. Check on yourself and others.