We are excited to announce our brand new 3,000 square-foot state-of-the-art Document Review/Legal Project Center in the heart of Buckhead.

The center, designed to address the space, equipment, and contract attorney personnel needs of the company’s law firm and legal department clients, is located in Piedmont Center at 3575 Piedmont Road, a location selected in part for its accessibility to all of Atlanta’s major highways. The center has separate and secure work rooms, each with dedicated high-speed internet, that can be customized to meet the specific needs of clients, including the addition of specialized network hardware, computers, servers, and software. The center has a kitchen, common work area with photocopier, and an electronic access system. Clients also have access to a training facility and executive offices for their own employees who may need to be on site. All costs are simple, transparent and built into the hourly rates for the contract attorneys.

We are committed to remaining the highest quality provider of attorney placement and contract staffing in the industry, and to providing solutions that enable our clients to be competitive and profitable in a rapidly changing legal industry. This Legal Project Center is part of that commitment.

We also have legal project centers in Chicago, Dallas and Houston, and the ability to stage review projects nationally.